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est. 2020


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Welcome to our exclusive collection of premium duck hunting decoy carts. Designed to simplify your hunting experience, our carts are crafted with durability, convenience, and efficiency in mind. With our decoy carts, you can effortlessly transport your decoys to the hunting spot, saving time and energy. Read on to discover the benefits of our top-notch decoy carts.

Efficient Decoy Transportation: Our decoy carts are engineered to provide seamless transportation of your decoys. The sturdy wheels and ergonomic design allow for easy maneuverability over various terrains, ensuring you can quickly set up your decoys in strategic locations. Say goodbye to carrying heavy loads and welcome a more efficient hunting routine.

Durability and Longevity: Built to withstand the rigors of duck hunting, our decoy carts are constructed from high-quality materials. They can endure harsh weather conditions, including mud, water, and rough terrain, ensuring their longevity. Rest assured, our decoy carts will be a reliable companion for many hunting seasons to come.

Convenient and User-Friendly: We understand the importance of convenience during hunting trips. Our decoy carts feature user-friendly designs and secure attachment mechanisms, making it easy to load and unload your decoys. Additionally, collapsible features allow for effortless storage and transport when not in use.

Enhance Your Hunting Experience: By investing in our duck hunting decoy carts, you'll elevate your hunting experience to a new level. With reduced physical strain from carrying heavy loads, you can conserve energy for the hunt itself, increasing your endurance and focus. Spend more time enjoying the thrill of the chase and less time worrying about equipment logistics.

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Waterfowl gear transportation solutions. Dominate the refuge with Marsh Mule Carts. 

“The sweat line sleigh is my essential tool when hunting the refuge. I can load it full, and get it in and out of my truck bed by myself with ease. Enough room for you and your hunting partners gear and then some, and pushes with ease. Very happy with the purchase and excellent customer service that comes with Marsh Mule products.”

Carmichael, CA

“Sweat Line Sleigh has been the best waterfowl hunting purchase I've made in a long time. Everything from decoys and gear on a long refuge trek to loaded down with full body goose decoys for a dry field hunt this thing will handle it all. The sleigh is light for its size, rolls super easy no matter the load, easy to haul and is built like a tank. Customer service has been top notch as well. Thank you Marsh Mule!”

Lodi, CA

“After 3 seasons of buying a new and different disappointing cart each season I came across Marsh Mule. Quick and easy to get your gear set up and out on the hunt. Lots of room. I mean we pack this cart up. Save time and money and go with the Lottery Dolly.”

Benicia, CA

"I'm 54 and I have been pushing a deer cart and a small sled for thirty years out at the refuges. Bought the LD2 with the third wheel option as a Christmas present to myself. The cart is great. It pushed through muddy roads and I loaded a ton more gear than normal. The best part was pushing back at the end of the day when you're tired."

El Dorado Hills, CA


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Auburn, CA